Thursday, July 21, 2011

OH BABY it's HOT outside!!!

This morning I went to the barn to see how the alpacas were surviving this horrible heat!  I was surprised to see them across the back pastures grazing under the shade trees.  I began filling their trough with fresh water, looked up and saw all the alpaca boys running towards me!   It was like a wild, wild, west movie!     

They LOVE to be sprayed with water!!!   The boys arrived first.  Usually the boys end up arguing over who’s next in line to get water sprayed on.  Just like humans, boys will be boys!   Five minutes later, the ladies appeared from around the corner of the barn.   

Spraying water on the alpacas chest, just below their neck, quickly cools them down.   
AAH . . . it feels SO good!     

They also like it when you spray water (in their arm pits) behind their front legs where there isn’t much fiber.    

If water gets on their back, it just rolls off like a duck.  Awesome fiber!   

As you can tell here,  our 3 month old cria named Charlie, loves to dance and twirl in the water!    

Another way the alpacas stay cool is by kicking up loose dirt   

 and rolling in it! 

 Thank goodness once they dry off, the dirt falls right off of them!  

 While helping the alpaca ladies cool down with the hose, I noticed the only alpaca missing was Channing.   A few months ago, Channing got over heated and we immediately sprayed her with the hose to cool her down.  I was afraid this was happening to her again.  I filled the bucket up with water so that I would be ready to pour it on her.   

I walked around the barn and to my surprise – there she was – in the cool shade on the north side of the barn enjoying the gentle breeze, and minding her own business.   She’s not so dumb after all!   

I turned to go back . . . and look who was BUSTED for drinking out of Channing’s emergency water bucket  – good oh Max, 
 our Great Pyrenees.  He even LOOKS guilty! 

Toby, our 13 year old Golden Retriever found a cool place in the barn.  
Maggie found a nice spot too.

Even the 5 week old puppies are smart enough to know to stay in the shade.  
It never ceases to amaze me the beauty and intelligence of all God’s creatures!  

Stay cool!!

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